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 Forum Users - Guidelines

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PostSubject: Forum Users - Guidelines   Sun Mar 23, 2008 2:16 pm

By using the forums you agree to the following: Any message that is not directly related to amateur theatre will be deleted as will any message that is offensive or obscene, does not respect other people's ideas etc. Please remember that this forum is open to people under 16 and all posts should reflect the fact that children can enter the forums and read the messages. Each forum is Moderated by myself. Unsuitable messages will be deleted. You will be advised if your message has been deleted and the reason why. If you feel that your message has been deleted in error you can appeal to Tom, whose decision is final. It is assumed that if you are under 16 you have permission from your parents/guardians to post in this forum. Please try and keep your messages on topic. I will try and do this as well, but it helps if everyone participates. Thank you for your co-operation. You must register to be able to post. Such registration will require a valid email address, and verification by me. This is so that we are able to ban posters if necessary - see next paragraph. I reserve the right to ban immediately anyone that is considered not to be entering into the spirit of amateur theatre and/or the board. Such people might or might not be warned. Such banning is not open to discussion and there is no appeal. Such banned people will be able to read the posts, but not contribute in any way. Spammers will not be tolerated in anyway shape or form! YOU WILL BE REPORTED! By continuing to use the forum you agree to all these terms. Tom
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Forum Users - Guidelines
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