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 Is there anybody there?

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PostSubject: Is there anybody there?   Sat Apr 17, 2010 5:18 pm

Hello? Does anyone use this site anymore? I've dropped by now and again but sadly no-one has posted anything. Have all the theatres closed? Are you all addicted to 'reality tv'? Someone somewhere MUST be rehearsing or performing something ??? Maybe there's an exciting social event on the horizon now that we have some decent weather?!
Ok, so this is totally random and nothing to do with theatre, but does anyone old or young or in-between remember this Manfred Mann song/record (B-side of 'My name is Jack', I think) that goes:

"There is a man that sits in the corner of my room, no-one else sees him.
When I tell them there is a man that sits in the corner of my room, they beat me.
Oh go away, you're not really there, don't come back another day, please."

They probably performed it in a theatre. Hopefully, it might just prompt a reply ;-)

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Is there anybody there?
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